We love planting trees and shrubs.  They are permanent fixtures yet constantly changing in size and appearance, allowing them to contribute an individual character to your landscape that is unmatched.

When we plant trees and shrubs for clients, we contribute our knowledge of local plant material, assessment of your property and specific site conditions, and our evaluation of your personal needs and preferences to enable us to provide you with recommendations for specific tree or shrub varieties.  Attention is given to individually select the trees and shrubs for planting, and we will only proceed with the planting once we have located healthy plants with good form and structure.  Your selected trees and shrubs are planted with care and skill, according to industry and CSU endorsed best practices.

Below are a few examples of trees and shrubs we’ve planted over the last few years.

Hot wings maples - croppedHot Wings Maples

SpruceBlue Spruce – Baby Blue Eyes (1 on right) and Iseli Fastigiate (2 on left)

Broderick treesWinter King Hawthorn (2 nearest) and Autumn Blaze Maple (1 furthest)

Autumn brilliance serviceberry

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberries

Ornamental crab

Louisa crab apple, loaded at nursery


**Photos of shrubs coming soon**

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