Green Roof Maintenance

My Gardener

Is a Proud Partner

Of the Green Roof Initiative, which was prompted via a 2017 Denver grassroots sustainability movement.


We provide maintenance and restoration of residential and commercial green roofs.


Green roofs help to reduce pollution, conserve water, and reduce the damage done by the urban heat island effect.


Since the spring of 2016, we have maintained the 8,000 square foot green roof at Metro State University of Denver (pictured at right).


This rooftop is filled with different varieties of sedum, a wonderful plant choice with great cold hardiness, very low water needs, and interesting changes throughout the season.


A green roof in Colorado faces greater challenges than a typical Colorado landscape, as the sun is unfiltered by trees, temperature swings and drying winds are more extreme, and the plants must make do with often no more than a 6" deep layer of soil.


Without a regular maintenance schedule, a green roof such as this can become filled with weeds and invasive grasses while the desired plant matter suffers and dies out.


We apply our knowledge of plant selection and care needs, evaluation of irrigation systems and soil composition, and diligent oversight to ensure your green roof flourishes.

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